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Technical plastic for corrosion-free wear protection which promotes sliding

KALEN products are thermoplastic plates. The good anti-friction properties of KALEN’s non-corrodable surface means that goods being transported do not get stuck. These properties make the material ideal for lining silos, bunkers, loading buckets and dumpers, in particular when they are used for transport and storage of fine-grained bulk goods. Therefore, use of our products can frequently mean that you do not need to make expensive investments in such things as vibrators or air shock blowers.


  • Non-corrodable, slide-promoting wear protection
  • Reliable flow of material with no interruption
  • Lining can be individually modified to shape
  • No open joints due to welding of plates
  • Edge protection by means of special edging system
  • Special stainless steel fastening elements

Available formats for delivery

KALEN products are made in the form of plates of various sizes and thicknesses. Accurate cutting and thermal forming mean they can be perfectly matched to the shape of the components being lined. They are attached mechanically by means of welded bolts or countersunk screws.