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Welded hard surfacing for high resistance to impacts and wear

KALMETALL is a metallic material which is made by applying a hard welded overlay to steel plating. In our manufacturing process, we are able to specifically modify the properties of the welded overlay by adjusting the welding additives and configure them precisely to meet the needs of the application. The sheets manufactured by Kalenborn are distinguished by their excellent wear and impact protection. The material combines with rubber to form the composite material KALIMPACT, which can greatly reduce noise and vibration. These possibilities open up a large range of applications for KALMETALL in numerous industrial facilities.

Typical applications include screw conveyors, ventilator housings, cyclones and separators, mixer linings, piping components, screens, troughs and transport channels.



  • High wear and impact resistance
  • Standard thickness of basic material from 5 mm
  • Thickness of welded overlay 3-18 mm
  • Operational temperature max. 750°C
  • Resistance to wear, impact and temperature can be modified by adjusting the alloy mix
  • Complete lining systems made of overlay welded sheets for existing steel structures
  • Self-supporting structures with hard welded overlay
  • Ready-to-install components specially tailored to customers’ needs
  • Combinations of ceramic and metallic materials for properly welded but highly economically construction
  • Combines with rubber to form KALIMPACT for additional reductions in noise and vibration

Deliverable forms and installation

In addition to standard formats, the range of hard welded overlay sheets which can be produced includes a wide variety of options. This includes sheets of thicknesses from 5 to 200 mm and in formats of up to 1900 mm x 3900 mm in size. Installation involves welding as well as screws or bolts. Ready-to-install components are also available.

Kalenborn – KALMETALL