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Ceramic wear protection for plant components subject to extreme wear and temperature stresses

KALOCER is an oxide ceramic material composed of more than 90% aluminium oxide. It is manufactured as plates, specially shaped components and cylinders. KALOCER is suitable for plant components subject to extreme amounts of abrasive wear. Linings from as little as 1.5 mm thick even open up the possibility of use in highly constricted spaces. KALOCER is suitable for all segments, particularly the lining of separators, bunkers, chutes, conveyor belt transfer points, concrete mixers or cyclones. The material combines with rubber to form the composite material KALIMPACT, which also has high impact resistance.



  • High resistance to wear and smooth surfaces
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Usable in locations subject to chemical stresses
  • FDA approved
  • Combines with rubber to form KALIMPACT for high impact resistance
  • Easy to adapt to geometrically complex surfaces
  • Operational temperature max.1200°C (depending on conditions for installation)
  • Small thicknesses of as little as 1.5 mm upwards
  • Weight-saving solution

Deliverable forms and installation

Available for delivery as plates, specially shaped components and cylinders in various formats with differing thicknesses. Installation commonly involves an economic combination of other materials bonded in KALFIX adhesive or attachment to the plant mechanically on sit