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Compound for lining of plant components and for repairs, applied by trowel

KALPOXY is an epoxy resin-bonded compound with high resistance to wear, which can be used quickly and effectively for repair work and in the lining of plant and equipment components. Excellent wear-protection properties are attained after only a short period of hardening. Thanks to its admirable ease of handling and high degree of contact adhesion, virtually all surfaces and geometries can be coated.


  • Trowel-on wear protection without reinforcement
  • Usable in locations subject to chemical stresses
  • Can be applied horizontally, vertically or overhead
  • Seamless lining
  • Easy lining of geometrically difficult surfaces
  • Variable coating thickness
  • Operational temperature max. 150°C
  • Operational for full loading after only 24 hours
  • Repairs can be carried out easily

Available formats for delivery

KALPOXY hardening compound is supplied in 5 kg packages consisting of resin and hardening compound and also with the second component, the hardener, pre-mixed. It is possible to store the substances for 12 months under dry and non-freezing conditions.