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Hard compound for plant components and piping systems which can be applied by trowelling, spraying or pouring

KALCRET hardening compound combines excellent wear protection properties with ease of use. Hard mineral substances form the basis for this. The specific advantage of all compound materials is their flexibility in practice. Large surfaces can be coated quickly and safely, ensuring that availability of plant is restored in rapid time.

KALCRET is suitable for lining of plant components and piping systems, in power stations, in the steel and cement industries and in refuse burning facilities. Examples include pipe bends in coal dust piping, agitators for the removal of dust from blast furnace gases in steel works, and wind boxes and separator linings for the milling of cement.


  • Wear protection for application by trowel, pouring or spraying
  • Lining of large surfaces without joints
  • Easy lining of geometrically difficult surfaces
  • Variable layer thickness
  • Operational temperature max. 1200°C
  • Operational for full loading after only 24 hours
  • Easily combinable with all other materials
  • Repairs can be carried out easily

Application by trowel

KALCRET trowel-on plaster compound allows horizontal, vertical, inclined and curved surfaces to be protected easily. It is also no problem to apply compound above your own head. 

Application by pouring

Use of KALCRET poured compound is useful when flat and approximately horizontal surfaces need to be protected against wear and can be installed by the use of metal or wooden forming.

Application by spraying

KALCRET spraying compound allows for application even over large surfaces in rapid time. Spraying can be done horizontally or vertically. It is also possible to spray above your own head.

Available formats for delivery

KALCRET hardening compound is available in 25 kg packages and can be applied to reinforcement in the form of trowel-on plaster or can be poured into recesses or into metal or wooden forms. For lining large surfaces quickly, sprayable KALCRET is also available. Depending on the area of application, it is also possible to mix in additional fibre components to increase the structural strength. As well as KALCRET packaged in bags, it is also possible to supply KALCRET linings as pre-formed components.

Kalenborn – Kalcret Hard Compound

Usermanual KALCRET