Effective wear protection from a single source

Manufacture of ABRESIST fused cast basalt

From the development of our materials to the lining of pipes and plant components, we offer a complete range of products and services, all from a single source. In so doing, the quality and durability of our products stand above all else. As experts, we begin with the production of our materials. We know the raw materials and the manufacturing processes. That comprehensive expertise enables us to monitor and ensure the quality characteristics of our products at all times.

In the Kalenborn factories, we utilise an optimum infrastructure for processing finished components. This means that specialized personnel are always close at hand and readily accessible, and that we have a certified quality management system and an extensive range of machinery.

This background provides us with all that is necessary to manufacture fully lined plant components economically, whether they are brand new components which we are equipping with a specialized wear-resistant lining, self-contained designs made directly from drawings or existing components which we optimise and return in a professionally refurbished state.

On-site worldwide with the greatest possible adaptability to customer requirements

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