10 Good Reasons to Choose Kalenborn

1. Family structure
Kalenborn has been a German family business for over 100 years. We value long-term thinking, flat hierarchies and individual personal  responsibility for decision-making. We offer our customers complete solutions, from research and development through to manufacturing and installation and it is this that ensures that we maintain our independence.  Our history of healthy growth and our position as an industry leader gives the us a sense of collective self-confidence that we can all identify with.
2. Global business
With our 10 subsidiaries, international sales network and global business connections we are a local business everywhere in the world. This means great career opportunities for individual members of staff and intercultural exchanges that are of great benefit to the company as a whole.  Tolerance, respect and openness in dealing with others are therefore key aspects of our company values.
3. Manufacturing expertise
We have been manufacturing a wide range of materials and products in-house ever since we developed the use of fused cast basalt as a wear protection material 100 years ago. This is unique within the industry and is the foundation of our accumulated expertise, for which we have a well-earned reputation. For our customers, the fact that we manufacture in-house is a sign of added value and true expertise and it gives them a sense that they are dealing with a reliable business of real substance.
4. Individuality
We sell tailor-made solutions, not stock items. Engineering ingenuity goes into every order we process. We treat all our customers as individuals and it goes without saying that we do the same for our employees. We always provide them with plenty of scope for creativity, inspiration and innovation.
5. Team spirit
As a successful global successful team, we work together very closely. A constructive atmosphere is needed if we are to work in a results-oriented way, so we are always looking for solutions that are based on team effort. Working constructively with other departments can open up all sorts of personal horizons and it is fun to be part of team successes.
6. Variety
We work in many different countries, in many different sectors with many different experts and face many different challenges.  Varied tasks not only encourage creativity but are also an ideal way of gaining a wealth of experience. We give our staff plenty of room to manoeuvre when they want it, and plenty of support when they need it.
7. Motivation
Satisfaction and motivation are part and parcel of our company culture. They are both a direct result of having successfully completed challenging tasks and this is why at Kalenborn we set great store by constructive criticism and a solution-oriented approach to mistakes. This includes transparency, clearly defined goals, good communications and recognition for good performance – both financially and personally.
8. Career opportunities
Kalenborn is a company with a healthy record or growth. Opportunities present themselves all the time, whether in the shape of innovative processes, new markets or different tasks and they can all be handled successfully with the right skills, attitude and passion. Our broad portfolio of activities, from research and development through to installation, as well as our international presence, all ensure that there is always an appropriate place for your own particular talents. Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing someone have a stellar career path with us!
9. Multi-talented
Working for Kalenborn means broadening your horizons, as nobody is expected to focus solely on their own area of expertise. Our sales staff have technical knowledge, our engineers understand market structures and our shop floor staff speak English.  Working for us is not only a way of gaining practical experience, but also life experience. 
10. Social responsibility
However much we put our heart and soul into our work, we are still only human, with all the associated desires, changing moods, personals problems and needs. Health, finances and home situation can all sometimes present problems that can be hard to resolve on our own. Support from our colleagues and the company itself can help us to overcome personal crises that we would otherwise struggle to resolve by ourselves. We talk to you at the time and work out how we can help.