Code of Conduct

Kalenborn admit to practice ethical and lawful behavior towards their staff and third parties, in particular towards customers, suppliers and institutions. We respect the principle of legality just like agreements and national laws for international trade and for the regulation of financial transactions.

We will not accept any individual discrimination because of origin, color of skin, sex, age, religion, handicap or private way of life. Every staff member, in particular the executive personnel, is responsible to care for the health and safety of all staff members. Our staff receives fair wages for the job done. The local standards valid with respect to compensation, periods of break and hours of work as well as industrial law are considered minimum level.

We want to match ourselves against others in fair competition and keep distance from illegal market conduct. This includes averting corruption and any kind of donation that will make donar and donee mutually dependant.

By means of best possible protection of technical systems and components against wear we make all effort to ensure surplus value at the users of our products and to contribute to conserve resources and environment. Environmental protection is also part of our business policy within our own value-added activities and covers the complete product cycle.

We respect the secrecy of personal and business data. All staff members are bound not to disclose to third parties any confidential and secret information.

Every single staff member is bound duly to observe the behavior principles of the Kalenborn Group. We are convinced that our company will play a positive role with respect to society as a whole by combining the behavior principles and the objectives of the Kalenborn Group.