IHK award for Maximilian Pischel and Kalenborn

IHK award

On 20.09.2017 the IHK, Germany’s industrial chamber of commerce, held its honour awards for the best in examinations at the Rhein-Mosel-Halle in Koblenz. One of around 400 former trainees, Maximilian Pischel, was given an award by the Industrie und Handelskammer (IHK) of Koblenz for excellent results in his examinations to become an industrial business specialist according to the central Rhine model.

More than a thousand guests, including people in charge of the education bodies and vocational colleges, came to the celebrations in Koblenz at the Rhein-Mosel-Halle. Entertainment was provided by comedy duo Willi and Ernst. “You have achieved outstanding results in the course of your dual education. This will provide you with a basis for future success in your career,” were the congratulations offered by Susanne Szczesny-Oßing, President of IHK Koblenz, to the young professionals including Maximilian Pischel.

Helga Ückerath Junior, responsible for training at Kalenborn Deutschland and her team including Daniela Dietz are the figures behind the intensive training efforts at Kalenborn Deutschland and accepted the IHK award for successful training accomplishment on behalf of the company. Our own internal lessons, provided by a teacher from a vocational college to offer trainees the best possible preparation for examinations, are what lie behind this success. Ms Dietz also coordinates passage through all the various departments and even provision of opportunity to spend time abroad with our 11 subsidiary businesses throughout the world. This gives trainees a very special way of experiencing an overall understanding of business and of inter-cultural aspects.
The company has had successful examination candidates integrated into the business in the past too, most recently Helena Holl and Daniel Wiebe. “We are delighted with the success of our candidates and will continue to make use of our opportunities for dual education and advanced training. It ensures that we will continue to have qualified youngsters entering the company,” explained Ms Ückerath Junior.