KALCERAM – in Europe’s largest heavy-plate works

Europe’s leading manufacturer of heavy plates is a long-standing customer of Kalenborn. From steel bridges and skyscrapers to oil and gas pipelines, the company’s plates are used in numerous projects all around the world. The company’s headquarters is also the site of the coking plant, which produces coke for the two blast furnaces at the heavy plate plant.

In the course of refurbishing the coke ramp, this long-standing customer approached Kalenborn because we had previously refurbished coke ramps here. During the expansion of the coke works in 2006 and 2009, one ramp was wear-protected with materials from Kalenborn. During the present-day refurbishment, this experience was to be taken into account.

A coke ramp is a chute onto which quenched coke is tipped. The coke slides over a ledge and down to a clearing table, from where it is transported on a conveyor belt. Along with heavy-duty wear protection, the customer also emphasised the need for the coke to slide well on the ramp. The material would also need to withstand the temperature changes arising from the quenching of the inevitable ember clusters in the coke. Around two wagon-loads of coke are placed on the ramp every hour.

Due to the extreme conditions caused by the changes in temperature, Kalenborn‘s wear protection experts line the chutes of the coke ramps with KALCERAM-K. This material features good gliding properties and high thermal shock resistance.

Kalenborn was able to distinguish itself particularly well with the overall package of engineering, material procurement and installation services on site. Customers value the excellent and reliable working relationship.