KALCOR lining bends and laterals for Vinh Tan 4 CFPP

Transporting fly ash in the pipeline is always make the operators „headache“.

Almost CFPPs in Vietnam are young and new-built, some of them have a big problem with ash transportation. Vinh Tan 4 CFPP included 03 units (600MW each) has operated since 2018, last year they faced a serious problem with fly ash bends. The original was iron cast bends which stand for over 1 year. After that, the tile ceramic bends are replaced and they lasted only 3-12 months.

Vinh Tan 4 coal fire power plant (EVN) constructed by DOOSAN is the biggest single CFPP in Vietnam (1800MW in total). During over 02 years of operation, customers replacing almost fly ash elbows because of wear rate very fast. Although lining with ceramic tiles, those bends cannot be lasting within 12 months. This prompted the plant to find a new type of wear-resistant material with good quality over long operating periods.

Kalenborn Vietnam team has promoted our products to this plant in November 2019. After clarified and discussed with the technical team, the customers have agreed to let Kalenborn supply KALCOR bends and laterals for fly ash pipeline by 2020 (93 pcs in total). In order to ensure that Kalenborn’s bends and laterals can be installed easily and fit into the existing pipesystem, we have to measure all positions on-site to ensure that existing couplings could be used to connect (the drawings we received is lacking information). On 26th October 2020, 80 pcs of bends and 13 pcs of lateral arrived customer’s warehouse, customers appreciate the quality and perfection of the products provided by Kalenborn. They also installed some bends at several locations, the results showed that it was easy to install and fit very well with existing pipeline.

With the advantage of quality and customer consulting services provided by Kalenborn, Vinh Tan 4 will continue to use Kalenborn’s products in the coming years, which will create a very good premise for Kalenborn’s extensive supply in the CFPP sector.