KALENBORN ABRESIST: Producing solar energy with Kalenborn

Silicon is one of the most abundant elements on earth. As polysilicon, it is used especially in solar cells. Its crystal structure helps convert solar energy into electrical energy. At the same time, however, this property enables high wear in the production plants. We ensure the right form of protection.

Kalenborn serves notable chemical companies and polysilicon manufacturers around the world. We often combine our wear-resistant materials in order to create customer-specific solutions.

The latest Kalenborn Abresist project had an order volume of over one million US dollars. In the customer’s plant, the walls of four cyclones were lined with fittings made of ABRESIST and the inlet area was lined with our fused corundum KALCOR.

The material is excellent for this application thanks to its high level of wear resistance and resistance to the process medium. With geometrically matching cast special fittings, KALCOR can be particularly well integrated into the cyclone. To support the high conveying speeds in the plant’s pipes, our colleagues from the US rely on KALOCER.

The plant with the wear-protected cyclones and pipes went in operation in the spring of 2016 – and with the certainty that Kalenborn was the right partner.