KALENBORN ABRESIST: Wear protection – slide promotion

Potassium salts are recovered in mining and are a major component of many fertilizers. For refining, the salts are separated from other solids in several stages. This complex process is possible only in robust plants with excellent wear protection. It is exactly in this field that Kalenborn Abresist has been proving itself for over 20 years with pipe lining from ABRESIST.

Potassium salts are mined as rock. It is finely crushed and the crude salt is then enriched with water. The mixture passes through a variety of sieves and other separating devices, which separate the different particles from each other and classify them depending on their size and density.

To cope with the constant flow of material, the pipe systems of such a plant are protected with ABRESIST. The basalt lining reduces friction in piping and considerably extends its life span. The smooth surface of ABRESIST also supports the flow of material. Since we produce systems according to custom specifications, we are easily able to ensure wear protection even in complicated and angled spots.

For the customer, the lining is an excellent investment: Due to its extreme hardness and durability, pipes protected with ABRESIST do not need to be replaced or repaired as often unlike unprotected piping components. Potassium salt plants in New Mexico and Canada have achieved lifetimes of 20 years or more since Kalenborn Abresist introduced pipes in the mid-1970s