KALOCER is protecting a screw conveyor from abrasion

At the largest copper mine in Europe, ore is transported for processing by means of a screw conveyor. The high silicon content in the rock causes serious abrasive wear to the spiral vanes and edges, which leads to frequent repairs bringing high costs and process downtime.

Thanks to good experiences they have had up to now with the wear-proof KALOCER material in outflow hoppers, hydrocyclones and chutes, the company decided to line the screw conveyor vanes and edges with similar KALOCER oxide ceramic. The key improvement over the previously unprotected conveyor is the all-round edge protection, since this is where the worst wear occurs, to the extent that the functionality of the conveyor itself is impaired.

One other essential benefit of KALOCER is the capability to manufacture it into very thin shaped forms. This meant the screw conveyor vanes and edges could be lined with accurately shaped pieces, which were also optimised for weight. The shaped pieces were bedded in KALFIX plastic mortar. Apart from the excellent wear resistance, KALOCER material also has a smooth surface, which prevents the system from getting blocked up with conveyed materials.

The operator of the copper mine has been highly satisfied with the new wear protection, since the screw conveyors will last for much longer and function more reliably. Costs resulting from unplanned downtime will also be reduced.