Lining of the filter cyclones reduces maintenance costs

Our customer is a large group of companies supplying products and services related to extraction, filtration and air cleaning for multiple sectors. It serves wood and paper industry plants, as well as the power engineering, metallurgical, cement, coke and sorting sector. At present, the plant construction company has cooperated with Kalenborn Bazalt Starachowice in relation to the industrial wear protection of equipment.

The customer manufactures cyclones, which separate dust from wood and wood-based waste. Chips and dust from waste furniture boards, OSBs and similar materials pass through the system components. The hardness and grain size, as well as high performance of equipment and the flow rate resulted in their rapid wear and necessitated maintenance more often than at the anticipated repair intervals.

The unprotected cyclone’s steel was vulnerable to abrasion and, consequently, Kalenborn proposed that their own technology Kalocer should be used as it ensured proper protection and the longest life cycle for the equipment. Thanks to that solution, the system’s resistance to wear was improved significantly. At present, the equipment is maintained at the pre-set intervals, meaning the end customer can keep operating costs at the optimal level.