Sugar beets slip wear-free even after 30 years

In one of the world’s largest sugar refineries the ABRESIST lining of the sugar beet collecting bunker is working since more than 30 years. The bunker has a diameter of about 10 m.

Daily 23.000 tons of sugar beets are unloaded in the bunker, 145 days a year. As a result, about 100 million tons of sugar beet has slipped over the ABRESIST lining in 30 years, and yet 80-90% of the original cast basalt tiles are still in perfect condition.

In 2017, Kalenborn replaced ABRESIST plates and repaired joints in some areas. In this context, further areas were wear-protected with KALPOXY. In 2018 the Kalenborn fitters repaired the worn and destroyed concrete on the upper edge of the bunker with a solid KALCRET Hardcompound lining.

The photo shows the condition of the bunker in July 2019. Both KALPOXY and KALCRET show no signs of wear.