GREEN pipes with replaceable wear protection lining

product innovation

GREEN pipes with replaceable wear protection lining

Green pipes and pipe bends have a wear-resistant lining that can be removed and recycled at the end of their service life. The wear-resistant lining’s special mounting concept makes it possible to remove the old lining without destroying the steel shell.

The existing steel pipes are subsequently relined with new material cylinders. The method used gives the lining the same service life as conventionally lined pipes and pipe bends.
Returning the worn pipes and pipe bends to Kalenborn eliminates disposal costs and no expenses are incurred to manufacture new steel pipes. Companies reduce their CO2 load on the environment.

With fused cast basalt and ceramics, Kalenborn relies on natural materials that are renewable. After the worn lining has been removed, its materials are recycled and fed back into the process for manufacturing new wear-resistant materials.

Green pipes and pipe bends are available as product variants:

ABRESIST pipes and pipe bends GREEN
Fused cast basalt
KALCOR pipes and pipe bends GREEN
Zirconium corundum
KALOCER pipes and pipe bends GREEN
High alumina ceramic