Half-yearly meeting of the Kalenborn companies in Poland


Half-yearly meeting of the Kalenborn companies in Poland

The annual meeting of all Kalenborn companies takes place this time in Poland, where more than 200 people are employed in the Kalenborn plants.

Participants travelled from more than 7 countries and 5 contingents, with more than 80 Kalenborn employees joining virtually via teams. The participants came from all important departments: Technology, Engineering, Production, Quality, Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Finance.

In addition to looking at the future of the company’s positioning in the wake of the energy transition and sustainability, the participants present and discuss important topics on product, market, and financial policy areas in workshops. Local plant tours in the early morning and after the virtual meetings give an insight into what happens on site.

Digitalisation within Kalenborn continues to play an important role in facilitating the exchange of projects and information for all Kalenborn employees worldwide.