Improved cast basalt ABRESIST

product innovation

Slip-promoting and sustainable wear protection

Slide promoting and sustainable wear protection

The improved wear-resistant material ABRESIST has the decisive advantage over existing fused cast basalt materials on the market that the plates and cylinders always have smooth surfaces. Even after an idle time in a wet transport system, blockages and suspensions caused by bulk material are practically impossible. The sliding properties are comparable to those of polyethylene (PE) plastics. In contrast to plastic, however, the mineral material is a natural product, and is therefore fully recyclable and provides lasting protection for nature. ABRESIST does not rust and is chemically resistant to acids and alkalis.

ABRESIST is characterized by high compressive strength and very high abrasion resistance in combination with a certain impact resistance. It is used wherever aggressive bulk materials such as ore, sand, gravel, slate, sinter or similar are transported or stored. Chutes, bunkers or silos are quickly and almost seamlessly lined with lightweight ABRESIST panels or shaped pieces up to 600 mm long x 500 mm wide and 17 mm deep. Existing constructions can be used for a perfectly fitting lining. Due to the lighter ABRESIST plates, fittings and cylinders for pipe systems, transport, assembly and installation costs are much more economical. The installation is usually done as fittings in cement mortar, but mechanical fixings (screws and welding) are also possible.

ABRESIST has proven to be an excellent choice for protective linings in pipe bends and straight pipelines. Both in pneumatic and hydraulic transport lines abrasion is reduced to an absolute minimum. Pipes lined with ABRESIST have a considerably longer lifetime than pipe systems with unlined steel or cast iron pipes. With the new 12.5 mm thin-walled and pressure-resistant design of ABRESIST pipes and elbows, the efficiency and conveying capacity can be improved considerably compared to previous linings. ABRESIST basalt cast iron pipes are available as complete installation elements – either for the entire system or only for particularly critical sections.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Very high abrasion resistance and permanently smooth surfaces
  • High compressive strength
  • Large panels and fittings with low material thickness
  • Fast large-area lining with few joints
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals and acids