KALCRET ANX. Remarkable wear protection at an optimum price

product innovation

KALCRET ANX is a low-cost version of the trowel-application hard compounds for protecting plant components and piping systems against wear. KALCRET ANX offers remarkable resistance to wear at operating temperatures of up to 400°C with exceptional value for money. The basis for the cement-bonded material KALCRET ANX is supplied by selected hard materials of high quality, such as basalt.

KALCRET ANX is suitable for lining many kinds of plant components, including cyclones, bunkers, slides, screens, silos, pipes, flumes and chutes.
The particular benefit of KALCRET ANX is its ease of use and flexibility in practice. Large and geometrically complex surfaces can be lined quickly and safely. The material is ready to withstand stresses after just 24 hours and a plant can thus be recommissioned in very short order.

KALCRET ANX is available in 25 g packages and can be made up for trowelling onto concrete reinforcement. As well as being packaged in bags, KALCRET ANX linings can also be supplied as pre-formed components.