Kalenborn Germany and Brazil celebrates 100 years of Kalenborn


Kalenborn Germany and Brazil celebrated 100 years of Kalenborn

Kalenborn celebrated an anniversary party in Vettelschoß, Germany and in Vespasiano/MG, Brazil. For employees with their families and other guests, there were various demonstrations in which Kalenborn Germany showed what can be done with the materials.

Glowing cast basalt poured out of a crucible, the hard compound KALCRET formed smiling faces and ceramic materials were cut precisely with 6200 bar waterpower. The mobile ComboCombo Band, which accompanied the guests between the show acts and the festival hall with a wide range of live music, provided the right atmosphere.

At both locations the smaller guests enjoyed the children’s program with hand tattoos, goal wall shooting, bouncy castle and football table. International buffets convey tastily the importance of cooperation as a global group and the cultural togetherness at Kalenborn. Films and slide shows in Germany and Brazil showed the beginnings of the company up to the present day and conveyed the shared „Spirit of Kalenborn.“ At the end, great prizes awaited the participants of the raffles.

„The employees of each entity are of special importance to Kalenborn. Their skills, experience and personal responsibility are the success factors of Kalenborn. 100 years of Kalenborn – that means 100 years always on the move. This anniversary fills us at Kalenborn with joy and pride and is an incentive for the future“, said Dr. Conrad Mauritz, Managing Director of Kalenborn in his welcoming speech at the start of the company party. Shareholder Hedi Mauritz welcomed the management of Kalenborn Hungary and Kalenborn Poland and referred to the long tradition and the necessary changes for the group of companies, which are important for the future. She thanked everyone for their cooperation and great commitment.

Luiz de Campos, Managing Director of Kalenborn do Brasil and her colleague Esperanza Iglesias, Vize Managing Director F&A, referred in their speech to the success of 19 years of cooperation in Brazil and thanked all employees for their great commitment. They emphasized the importance of 100 years of Kalenborn as a traditional and at the same time innovative-global company that is constantly on the move.

The 100th anniversary celebrations were all-round successful events with lots of fun and good entertainment. The spirit of Kalenborn lives and takes us into the future.