ABRESIST used to protect coke silos

In late 2012, a major steel producer from Brazil approached the Kalenborn do Brasil branch office: at a plant near to Rio de Janeiro there were problems with wear on two coke silos.

Shortly after the plant was constructed, in August 2011 the silos were each half lined with hardened plates and Kalenborn’s ABRESIST material. One year later, the plates were already beginning to show fairly substantial signs of wear, while ABRESIST was still in good condition. The company then requested that the silos should be fully lined with ABRESIST.

Closer examination revealed that the friction from the coke had already resulted in wear and corrosion to the hardened plates. Moreover, the gaps between the individual plates meant that the structure of the silo was not completely protected, as is the case with ABRESIST. In March 2013, the larger silo was therefore completely protected with ABRESIST over the course of 18 working days, with the smaller one requiring 15 working days to be completed. A total surface area of more than 600 m2 was laid in the hoppers. Eight workers were involved in carrying out the work.

The project was implemented to the client’s complete satisfaction. Investigations also showed that, under the given conditions and in relation to the thickness of the material, ABRESIST is five times more abrasion-resistant than the rival product.