Slide promotion for heavy equipment

In the mining industry, huge dump trucks are used with loading shovels to move rock and spoil. These heavy machines transport many tonnes of material and are therefore exposed to serious wear. One of the biggest mining companies in Brazil turned to the engineers at Kalenborn do Brasil for a very special assignment: to equip its fleet of trucks with protection.

The company has some 250 employees and has been shifting materials for heavy industry for more than 40 years. Since the shovels and the bodies of the trucks which transport the ore all displayed serious damage, our customer turned to Kalenborn for help. The damage was mostly caused by material getting stuck to the metal bodies of the transporters, because the phosphates contained in the ore has major adhesive properties.

Since the components had not been protected in the past, the Kalenborn experts recommended lining them with the slide promotion and non-corroding thermoplastic KALEN. Due to its excellent properties for promoting the sliding of materials, KALEN could prevent the deposition of the material being transported. It was possible to individually adapt the lining to the contours of the equipment and, due to the way the plates are joined together, there are no gaps between them in which the conveyed materials could accumulate. These properties make the material the ideal solution for protection of loading shovels and dump trucks.

With the cooperation of a partner specialising in the installation of electro-mechanical equipment, Kalenborn lined the bodies of five trucks, each with a capacity of 190 tonnes. Our customer was much impressed by the wide range of products and especially with such good technical expertise and advice. With the cooperation between the companies having worked so well, Kalenborn has been contracted to protect another 13 vehicles.