KALOCER lining for cyclones

Coal-fired power plants burn coal dust at temperatures exceeding 1200°C. The process also melts the mineral components of the coal. The result is pulverised fuel ash or fly ash. These solid dust grains, which consist mainly of silicon, aluminium and iron oxides, are separated from the smoke gas flow in cyclones by means of centrifugal force. The impact speed and mass of the highly abrasive material cause significant wear, especially in the infeed area, cylinder, basin and cone of the cyclone. Effective wear protection significantly increases the service life of plant components.

And for this reason, our oxide ceramic KALOCER is also to be employed in two new brown coal-fired power stations in Turkey that are due to be connected to the grid in 2017. We have fitted four new cyclones with this extremely hard-wearing and heat- resistant material on behalf of a customer. The company in question designs and builds complete emission and exhaust air treatment plants and is a long-standing customer of Kalenborn.

The cyclones were lined with the KALOCER mats and moulded parts at our plant in Vettelschoss. The ceramic material provides the cyclones with optimum protection against wear and can withstand operating temperatures in excess of 1000°C. In addition, the permanently smooth surfaces of the material facilitate the fly ash separation process.

The characteristics of KALOCER mean that only very thin thick-nesses of lining are required. On the inside of the cyclones, for instance, we mainly used KALOCER mats with a thickness of just 10 mm. Only in the more exposed ceiling areas were mechanically attached moulded sections with a thickness of 13 mm required. Our customer, over many years, has come to appreciate the high quality of our materials, our astute material combinations, our precision of assembly and our complete reliability.