Less abrasive wear for twin cyclone in the paper industry

A paper manufacturer with around 500 employees makes some 300,000 tonnes of newspaper, cardboard and special papers. The three main resources for manufacture of paper are wood fibres from deciduous trees and conifers, water and energy. The by-products and waste from the paper manufacturing process are usually used in the factories themselves as biofuel for generating energy.

Before burning, the waste needs to be dried. The two cyclones separate out the waste after the drying process. The material passing along the conveyors includes large quantities of quartz sand, which is both hard and transported at high speed, thus causing major wear.

The two cyclones were originally made of stainless steel. After as little as six months, though, some areas were worn through. The customer made good the damaged areas using tempered steel. As a result of a recommendation, the paper makers asked us if a durable wear protection solution could be devised.

Kalenborn started by lining the cyclone with 25 mm of KALCRET BTS. It transpired, though, that even KALCRET was not able to withstand this sort of stress over the long term. Therefore, the KALCRET was gradually removed and replaced by KALOCER, which is more resistant against wear. What was especially praiseworthy was the participation of our fitting team, who had to use all their strength to remove the old KALCRET under the most atrocious conditions.

The client was highly satisfied with the safe planning and on-time completion. Kalenborn will be obtaining further contracts for the lining of this type of cyclone in the year to come.