Ball mills with KALOCER grind longer

Dry or wet mills, as ball mills, ensure the required quality of the raw material quartz sand in the production of aerated concrete. During this process, a high degree of abrasion and impact wear occurs.

Kalenborn determined the optimal lining of the ball mill to protect the grinding chamber depending on the material, rotational speed, grinding media and other important factors. Kalenborn lined the inner shell and the walking beam of a ball mill for silica sand with 75 mm thick shaped pieces of the high alumina ceramics KALOCER HD.

KALOCER HD is characterized by excellent abrasion and erosion resistance at very high temperatures. Laying the shaped pieces in KALFIX not only prevents wear caused by the spun balls, but also dampens the impact of the balls.

With the wear protection, the ball mill promises a significantly longer service life and reduces operating costs with the low maintenance effort. Due to the smooth surface of KALOCER HD, the mill is easy to clean.