Everything runs smoothly in mixed operation

Every mixing and stirring process puts continuous wear on the equipment used. This applies to manufacturers of building materials, asphalt and concrete as well as to the glass industry.

Normal steel is not suitable for a mixer in the glass industry if the batch is mixed with glass fragments. It therefore makes sense to line the mixers with materials to protect them from wear.

For mixers of all types, Kalenborn uses combinations of materials that are matched to each other depending on the stresses on the side wall, base and mixing tools.

For a customer from the glass industry, we lined the mixers and slide valves with fittings made of the aluminum-oxide ceramic KALOCER. The fittings are already available with thin wall thicknesses from 1.5 mm, so that they can be adapted to geometrically difficult surfaces. KALOCER protects particularly well against extreme abrasion and is easy to clean due to its smooth surfaces.

The lining meets the customer’s requirements to the best satisfaction.