Good protection is half the battle won

The south of France not only boasts olive plantations and fields of lavender. The region is also home to cement works which present Kalenborn with new challenges.

In order to optimise the process of grinding cement, a European cement manufacturer decided to procure a new vertical roller mill. However, as the facility only produces special cement containing a high fraction of granulated slag, the mill is subjected to heavy loading. This places great demands on the wear protection and on extending the lifespan of the facility.

The customer commissioned the experts from Kalenborn to line the vertical roller mill and its systems. They impressed the customer with the wide range of materials produced within the company that make it possible to protect components that are subject to different levels of loading in the best way possible. Kalenborn worked with the mill supplier to come up with an integrated solution in which three proven materials are used. In order to protect the sifter housing from the high temperatures which are generated, the installation team laid 280 m2 of KALOCER alumina ceramics in the upper section. Due to the vibrations that are to be expected in the area of the sifter, the KALOCER tiles were securely fixed in place with holes and weld-on sleeves. In the bottom and top section of the sifter and in the bottom section of the return cone, the decision was made to use KALMETALL-W hard overlay welded plates, which guarantee both high wear resistance and impact strength. A total of 55 m2 was lined using this material. The Kalenborn experts protected the dust line behind the mill over an area of lining of around 124 m2 with the hard compound KALCRET, which can be trowelled on. KALCRET is suitable for creating a quick and seamless lining and also ensures very good wear resistance and compressive strength – even at high application temperatures. The installation team installed all of the lining on site at the cement works within the specified schedule. Kalenborn was thus able to complete the assignment to the customer’s complete satisfaction.