Hardcompound KALCRET protects cyclone separator from wear and tear

The Cement Plant in Chełm belongs to one of the largest corporations worldwide manufacturing building materials. It specialises in manufacturing Portland cement (fly ash, lime or mixed cement types) and special cement types, including but not limited to the ones for road construction. At present, the company has been cooperating regularly with Kalenborn Bazalt.

The customer wanted to cooperate with the company as they needed to extend the life cycle of a cyclone separator which was exposed to high abrasion because of its intense use. Clinker-laden gas discharged from the cooler passes through the cyclone components to the alternative fuel dryer. What is more, the process takes place in high temperature which has entailed frequent repairs of devices so far.

Kalenborn replaced the cyclone lining to wear-resistant compound called KALCRET BNX. The Cement Plant in Chełm received the complete technology and the installation service. Thanks to that solution, it was possible to meet the customer’s expectations best, comprising high workmanship quality and increased life cycle of the cyclone separator.