PROJECT NEWS: First full-service job in Vietnam

In 2020, the COVID 19 disease has a huge impact on all industrial plants, and Vietnam is not outside that affected area. Thermal power plants must run at full capacity to serve increasing demand while reducing maintenance downtime. It is also a challenge for companies that supply the maintenance service of power plants, including EPS (EVNGENCO3 Power Service Company). Kalenborn Vietnam received an order for lining hard compound KALCRET CTX for 36 pcs of pulverized coal pipes within 20 days. We have finished all the above work within 12 days with the finishing quality is highly appreciated by the customer.

EPS is a subsidiary of GENCO3 under the Vietnam Electricity Corporation (EVN), which responsible for the maintenance and repair of all of the thermal power companies in GENCO3 to operate continuously and stably. EPS is very strong and experienced in the repair and maintenance of turbines and boilers for thermal power plants. However, they know and use the wear-protection material within a few years. Last year, they use Densit’s hard compound (castable) to lining 36pcs of pulverized coal pipes (S1 unit), and it took 36 days to completed.

In February 2020, Mr. Stefan Kurtenbach and the Kalenborn Vietnam team visited Vinh Tan 2 CFPP and had a seminar with EPS’ technicians in their office. EPS is very interested in Kalenborn’s product and they asked us for lining 36 pcs of pulverized coal pipes for the S2 Unit. We finally get the first full-service job after many discussions and clarification with them. The customer wants to use a corundum aggregate hard compound (same as 2019) to compare the lifetime of each unit.