Built in-house and specially protected – coal dust distributors and pipelines in the power plant

One of our customers is a plant manufacturer that is among Europe’s biggest producers of boilers used in coal-fired power stations and waste incineration plants. En route to the burners, the coal dust pipelines branch into the so-called “coal dust distributors”. Their complex geometries and the high velocity of the abrasive medium subject them to extreme wear.

To protect them better and significantly extend the service life of this plant component, Kalenborn fabricated the coal dust distributors as complete units made entirely of KALMETALL. KALMETALL is a metallic wear protection for plant components subject to high wear conditions. The KALMETALL range provides various hardfaced steel systems, which are produced from a tough base material and hard deposition welding. Kalenborn also designed the coal dust piping that feeds into and out of the coal dust distributor, and lined it with KALOCER. The oxide ceramic is characterised by extremely high abrasion resistance and is used in plant components where high temperature resistance, thin linings and smooth surfaces are required.

The customer is satisfied: the package design and lining of distributors and bends will reliably protect these plant components against wear for many years to come – without repairs.