Worldwide employment in power stations

A power station constructor plans and builds thermal power stations all over the world. As a market leader the company relies on modern, environmentally friendly and economical plant. The right wear protection for this is irreplaceable. For initial commissioning of newly built power plants in China and Austria, the company therefore relies on support from Kalenborn.

Pipes and elbows for transport of coal dust as well as classifier cones in the new coal-fired power stations need to be able to withstand major stresses resulting from wear. The high speed of transport, the large quantities and the quality of the coal being transported all lead to serious wear. Apart from making the pipes highly resistant to wear, it was also important for the customer that they should also be able to withstand major temperature fluctuations. The pipes themselves and their lining all needed to come from a single source, too.

We were therefore able to stand out from other rivals thanks to our total service package. For the project we undertook both the lining of the cones and the design of all the piping components, as well as the delivery and installation in Austria and China.

Kalenborn wear protection experts manufactured the coal dust piping from steel with a 12.5 mm-thick layer of KALOCER elements, all of which were bonded together with KALFIX HTN 300 adhesive. Due to the existing requirements, the engineers decided to use the same material for the lining of the classifier cones. KALOCER is distinguished by its particularly high degree of abrasion protection and can be used for application temperatures up to around 1,000°C. 13 mm-thick formed adapter elements were installed using various variants of KALFIX.