Clean dedusting systems in cement mills

The dedusting system in cement plants has the task of separating dust and particles from exhaust gases. It reduces dust emissions and enables the efficient recovery of production dust. In a cement work, the dedusting line is often operated to the limit. This causes components to wear out very quickly. The dedusting pipes on the conveyors of the two vertical mills for cement are particularly affected.

The dedusting pipes are made of steel without a wear protection lining. This means that repairs are necessary after a short time and new leaks are constantly occurring. Many of the affected areas are difficult to access and very dirty, which makes maintenance more difficult.

Due to the high-capacity utilization of the plant and the lack of planned shutdowns, a proper repair is almost impossible. Due to the strict emission limits and the threat of high penalties for unauthorized air pollution, there was an urgent need for action.

Kalenborn lined the dust extraction pipes with pipe sections made of KALMETALL W100 chromium carbide plates. KALMETALL W is characterized by high impact and abrasion resistance. The pipe sections have been adapted to the existing pipework. The installers additionally reinforced their wear-prone areas. This enables the cement dust to be conveyed smoothly and efficiently. The new pipe sections enabled quick and efficient installation. As a result, not only were the affected areas repaired, but they were also kept clean and functional in the long term.

Further areas of the plant are being remodeled in a continuous process. Not only components made of KALMETALL W100 are used, but also pipes lined with fused cast basalt ABRESIST and the wear-resistant high-performance concrete KALCRET. Together with the customer, the affected areas are analyzed, the dimensions taken and the drawings approved. The efficiency and durability of the system are sustainably improved by using precisely fitting parts that are optimized for the intended use.

This strategic approach ensures that the cement plant not only fulfils current requirements but is also well positioned in the long term to meet future challenges.