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Wear-resistant materials

Mineral solutions – From natural basalt to fused basalt

At the start of the 1920s, the Kalenborn fused basalt works was the first to manufacture a wear-proof material based on basalt. That material is known worldwide under the brand name ABRESIST. Today modern furnaces, in which the rock is smelted at 1,250°C, are at the heart of the production operations. The liquid basalt is cast in moulds and subsequently heat treated in a special process in order to give the material its crystalline structure. That makes the material especially hard and strong. Along with very good protection against wear, ABRESIST also provides an anti-friction surface which promotes the ability of items to slide.


Ceramic solutions – From minerals to ceramics

KALOCER is a high alumina ceramic compressed in a mould and fired at high temperatures. It is suitable for situations where extremely wearing conditions are to be expected. The zirconium corundum ceramic KALCOR is particularly easy to form and is also especially resistant to high temperatures. Very different requirements arise under operating conditions which demand especially good anti-friction properties: The material KALCERAM comes into its own in such applications. It prevents the material which is being conveyed from building up, thereby ensuring uninterrupted operation.


Metallic solutions – From scrap to hard metal

For particularly rough operating conditions we have developed special KALCAST hard castings. Alloy components such as chromium and carbon ensure especially high hardness and abrasion resistance. Manganese provides particularly good impact resistance quality. Our KALMETALL material, from which we manufacture components which can weigh as much as several tons, consists of steel plates armoured with special hard metal alloys. It exceeds the service life of common steel several times over. 


Compound solutions – From hard materials to compounds

Our hard compounds combine excellent wear protection properties with ease of use. The cementitious material KALCRET has especially wear-resistant hard substances such as bauxite or corundum permanently embedded in it. Its special advantage lies in its versatility. KALPOXY is an epoxy resin-bonded compound, which can be used quickly and effectively for repair work and in the seamless lining of plant and equipment components. The material can be used in chemically aggressive environments.


Plastic solutions – From polymers to engineering plastics

Plates made from thermoplastic form the basis of our KALEN material. They act as corrosion free, anti-friction linings which enhance the ability of materials to slide. KALEA is a high-performance thermoset and is applied extremely rapidly in a thin, seamless layer by means of Kalenborn spray technology. The material features outstanding wear resistance under very high impact loading and an operating temperature of up to 120 °C.