Better cascade chute secures material flow


The cascade chute is a functionally reliable material charging device

The cascade chute is a functionally reliable material charging device and is located at the furnace head of the blast furnace. Raw materials, including iron ore bricks, are discharged into the chute via connected transport and piping systems. They cause high abrasion and impact wear.

The wear blocks in the cascade chute were previously lined with welded hard surfacing and ceramic. However, this ceramic broke due to the impact of the conveyed materials in the cascade chute. The chute had to be repaired annually high costs were incurred.

Together with the customer, Kalenborn developed a better wear protection to ensure a functionally reliable and permanent material feed of the blast furnace. After adapting the original geometry, the Kalenborn engineers carried out some tests on site before manufacturing the new chute to check the theory in everyday life. After successful practical application, the chute could be manufactured in the new and tested design and with a precisely fitting lining made of KALOCER HD. KALOCER HD is characterized by excellent abrasion and erosion resistance at very high temperatures. The smooth surfaces ensure good transport of the materials.

The new design shows hardly any wear, unexpected repairs or reworks were not necessary. After more than 4 years in operation and more than 20 million tons of iron ore mined, the customer is very satisfied with the performance of the new chute.