Farewell Berno Krupp after 45 years, but not forever!


With this intention Berno Krupp is leaving for his retirement

With this intention Berno Krupp is leaving Kalenborn for his well-deserved retirement, but he will still be with us. After all, from October 2023 he will still occasionally be on hand to share his knowledge with us. Berno Krupp started as a machine fitter at the Kalenborn fused cast basalt plant, in turn the Dr. Mauritz KG on 18.09.1978. He initially worked in the plastics production area as a fitter and metalworker. His father Paul Krupp had already worked as an assembler at Kalenborn for almost 30 years.

In 1986 Berno Krupp completed the DVS welding training course and in the following years trained to become a welding specialist. However, this was not enough for him, and he also completed training as a plastics fitter and mechanic. In 1996 he was appointed foreman in the plastics and steel pipe processing department. From 2002 Berno Krupp worked as an application engineer at Kalenborn, where he was involved in product and process development.

He helped improve the buildup welding machine as well as the welding flux for hard overlay welding. For a long time, he trained the Polish colleagues in welding and pipe production. In addition to the repair compound KALPOXY 150, he co-developed the trowelable, pourable, and especially sprayable KALCRET and trained its processing in the subsidiaries. Berno Krupp was always helpful and an authentic photo model for KALCRET for advertising and the press. The development and practical implementation of new products in installation and assembly always gave him great pleasure, as did application advice to customers or internal sales training.

When asked what he would do in his retirement, he spontaneously replied: „First of all, set the alarm clock for later time.“ „Having more time for my hobbies like fishing, making sausages and ham,“ Berno was happy to say, „and going cycling and swimming for exercise.“

The “Kalenborner” will miss him and say until we meet again: „Bye Berno and good luck!