For a safe and healthy environment


Annually, Kalenborn Brazil celebrates the safety week

Annually, Kalenborn Brazil celebrates for its employees the safety week to take safety information in a light and relaxed way.

The theme chosen for the year 2023 was “A Safe and Healthy Environment is Direct from Everyone”. Aligned with the Kalenborn Group objectives, the theme “Sustainability” had space in our event, as we took the opportunity to make employees aware of the ability to consciously use natural resources without compromising the well-being of future generations.

The daily schedule included the following program items:

  • Sustainability competitions working on recyclables
  • Competition among employees working on the topic of cooperation and care for colleagues
  • Theater presentation talking about a safe environment
  • Tour in the sectors with the presence of a character, in which safety was discussed in a relaxed way
  • Distribution of seedlings to all employees
  • Election of the security phrase (elaborated by the collaborators)
  • Prayer giving thanks for the moment, for Kalenborn and for the lives of the collaborators