Higher performance with fused cast basalt ABRESIST pipes

Pneumatic pipelines in a cement plant often caused unforeseen repairs and replacements for the operators. The in-house constructions made of thick-walled steel were prone to leaks. Added to this were the loss of material, contamination and unnecessary consumption of compressed air, especially in winter when the plants were virtually left to their own devices.

The Kalenborn experts for wear protection optimized the pipe routing and lined the pipes with ABRESIST fused cast basalt. This leads to smooth and efficient conveying of the material thanks to smooth and continuous inner surfaces. Fused cast basalt ABRESIST is characterized as an abrasion-resistant and slip-promoting material that is fully recyclable. In addition, compressed air consumption has been halved, resulting in considerable cost savings. The pipes have now been in operation for 10 years without any significant wear.

The cement plant has equipped more and more areas and pipes with wear-resistant and winter-proof pipe parts. Other cement plants are now also relying on the wear-resistant and slip-resistant ABRESIST fused cast basalt pipes to improve the efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness of their plants.