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Excavators, loaders and dump trucks are very important machines when working in mines and quarries. Due to their intensive use, they are exposed to high loads, which is why they need to be protected with particularly resistant materials. We found this out in collaboration with a key customer. To effectively protect our customer's machines against abrasion and thus extend their service life, we recommend the use of our wear-resistant materials KALMETALL, KALCAST and KALEN. They have proven to be the ideal solution.

KALIMPACT is a hard material hard material rubber composite. Depending on the specific abrasion and impact resistance requirements, KALIMPACT comprises either ABRESIST fused cast basalt, KALOCER oxide ceramics or with KALMETALL hard overlay welded plates. Each of the different material variations is formed into a vulcanised composite rubber sheet.

Upon delivery to sugar factories, beets are transported by conveyor belts or water flumes to the beet washing unit, where sand, leaves and stones are removed. The flume conveyor portion of this application is primarily subject to impact wear, while the rest of the application is subject to high abrasive wear.

One of our customers is a plant manufacturer that is among Europe’s biggest producers of boilers used in coal-fired power stations and waste incineration plants. En route to the burners, the coal dust pipelines branch into the so-called “coal dust distributors”. Their complex geometries and the high velocity of the abrasive medium subject them to extreme wear.

Vibrating conveyors are a type of conveyance system which uses vibration to convey materials along a horizontal route. In steelworks, for example, they are used underneath ore bunkers for the discharging of sinter materials. Such material causes major wear to the conveyors, frequently resulting in abrasion damage to the system. The lifetime of such vibrating conveyors can be considerably extended by means of effective wear protection.

Kalenborn Delma, headquartered in Strzegom, will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding this year.

Kalenborn has been a partner to one of the largest manufacturers of steel in North Africa since 2015. The company supplies customers all over the world, handling 5.8 million tonnes of steel per year.

Kalenborn’s wear protection solutions are also needed in Northern regions. At the plant of Estonia’s leading producer of shale oil, oil shale is separated to produce shale oil and shale gas.

The metallic materials from Kalenborn are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications – and KALMETALL-W is one of them. The armour plates with different thicknesses and quality grades are noted for their excellent wear resistance and impact strength.

The south of France not only boasts olive plantations and fields of lavender. The region is also home to cement works which present Kalenborn with new challenges.