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Category: KALCOR

Danieli is a global provider of iron and steel making technology. An important application is the transforming process from iron ore to direct reduced iron (DRI) which is done in the DRI reactor. In the DRI reactor one of the more sensitive parameters for maintaining product quality and performance is the discharge temperature of the pellets used to feed the electric arc furnace (EAF). Likewise, for feeding pellets to the hot briquetted iron (HBI) machine. The higher the temperature, the better will be HBI quality.

Kalenborn Abresist lined piping has many uses in the energy industry, handling abrasive solid fuels such as coal, petroleum coke or wood and the waste materials from the burning of these materials. The waste materials include bottom ash, fly ash, economizer ash, pyrites, sand and scrubber sludge.

Our client, a leading chemical firm from the USA, produces catalysts for the petrochemicals industry. Kalenborn has been supplying solutions and components to the company’s plants for many years now. Among the places where our wear protection is used is a drying plant.

It is an unusual contract when the colour of the wear protection is a key aspect. In the glass industry, though, it is not only extremely high-performance wear protection which is in demand. In order for fully transparent, clear varieties of glass, such as plate glass, not to get dirty during manufacture, it is preferred that white materials only are used. Wear monitoring is intended to provide additional protection for piping and plant components.

KALDETECT is a system for monitoring wear. It provides early and reliable warning of when piping or plant components are approaching their end-of-life. It therefore prevents unplanned downtime and repairs and well as any environmental or equipment damage.

Coal is one common raw material for the manufacture of coke, which is used as the fuel for blast furnaces. One leading steel producer in India therefore runs its own coal mines in the country. These sites have their coal washeries which employ “dense media” cyclonic separators.

Iron ore is a key raw material which is extracted as rock from ore mines. Various industrial processing steps refine the ore till it is in the form of pressed pellets. It is in this form that the ore is used for the manufacture of steel. Our customer is the world’s leading producer of iron ore pellets. Right from the founding of Kalenborn do Brasil 15 years ago, the company has been supplying the producer with wear protection solutions for various pieces of plant.

KALCOR-Bauteile zur Auskleidung der Zyklone in unserem Werk in den USA

Silicon is one of the most abundant elements on earth. As polysilicon, it is used especially in solar cells. Its crystal structure helps convert solar energy into electrical energy. At the same time, however, this property enables high wear in the production plants. We ensure the right form of protection.

Kalenborn’s wear protection solutions are also needed in Northern regions. At the plant of Estonia’s leading producer of shale oil, oil shale is separated to produce shale oil and shale gas.

The south of France not only boasts olive plantations and fields of lavender. The region is also home to cement works which present Kalenborn with new challenges.