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Sprayable Polyurea-based wear protection for pipes and plant components

KALEA is a durable, high-performance Polyurea-based plastic characterised by high wear resistance and lubricating properties. It's used wherever aggressive bulk materials, such as ore, sand, gravel, shale, sinter and the like are transported or stored, and plant components and pipe systems are subject to wear due to frictional and impact loading.

The newly developed material is characterised by excellent wear resistance and features high impact resilience. The weather and temperature-resistant surface protection also possesses sound-absorbing properties. The key benefit offered by KALEA is in increasing operational reliability and extending the service life of plant components.

KALEA is spray-applied and cures extremely quickly. A separate corrosion protection layer is unnecessary. As such, the material is particularly well suited for seamlessly lining plant components with large surface areas, such as coal, ore and sand bunkers as well as lining silos and tanks, chutes and troughs.


  • application with Kalenborn spraying technology
  • coating pipes with an internal diameter of 150 mm and above
  • thick layer of material 2 – 10 mm
  • extremely wear resistant against impact and abrasion
  • highly flexible, elastic and tear-resistant
  • rapid, seamless lining of large surfaces
  • loadable after a few hours
  • corrosion resistant
  • chemical and acid resistant
  • UV resistant

Deliverable forms and installation


The delivery form includes the KALEA coated pipe systems and plant components.